Welcome to my website!

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the Amrut Mody School of Management at Ahmedabad University. I am a development economist studying the problem of low technology adoption through the lens of information friction. I have finished my degree requirements for PhD in Economics from McGill University.

My doctoral research focuses on analyzing the role played by information friction in driving technology adoption decisions. I investigate development policies for resolving these frictions and aiding economic agents in developing countries to learn about new technologies and products. In my job market paper, I explore network-based targeting for improving the adoption of technologies having heterogeneous benefits in a population. To do so, I theoretically model information diffusion in a network with heterogeneous agents, use simulations to generate testable predictions from the model, and validate them using experimental data from Malawi. My other related chapters address the role of experience in learning about index insurance products for farmers in Kenya and explore the effect of active discussion in learning about uncertain technologies for Peruvian potato farmers.